Day In The Life Uksr Pm

A Day in the Life of a U.K. Senior Program Manager

Aug 23, 2019

There’s never a dull moment at MPW. We work as a team to exceed the expectations of our clients, and have some fun while we’re doing it.  For our next series, we’re going to step into the shoes of our MPW colleagues to find out what a Day in the Life is like for each of us. Along the way, we’ll share what we love most about what we do and what it takes to succeed.  Here is what a day in the life of a Senior Program Manager from our London team looks like...

My day starts at 06:30 with the race to get on to the Tube as soon as possible to avoid the crowds and unpredictable delays of London’s Public Transport system. I have not yet managed a day where I avoided either the crowds or the delays but, one day! 

The majority of my time is spent liaising with our clients on their meeting requirements and working with our hotel and AV counterparts to deliver on everything from menus and meeting room set up to the specific audio-visual requirements for each meeting. A significant portion of the day is also spent responding to attendee queries and processing the meeting registrations and flights. As Senior Program Manager I also manage a team of Program Managers to who I am available at all times to provide support, answer questions, be a sounding board and overall guide as they plan their own meetings.

Time and people management skills are important in my role. A flair for making (and actioning) lists, attention to detail, managing several moving parts at the same time and the ability to stay calm under pressure are key skills for anyone interested in taking on Investigators’ Meetings! Delivering successful Investigators’ Meetings with happy clients and attendees is the most rewarding part of my job along with seeing the growth and successful development of the PMs I support. 

Evenings typically consist of catching up with friends or attempting to make something quick, healthy and delicious to eat before heading early to bed for the recommended 8 hours of sleep. One day I will manage to do this too!