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A Skillful Departure: In-Flight Entertainment

Mar 29, 2019

Trapped in a metal tube, hurling through the air, hundreds of miles an hour. Sounds thrilling right? Well, it’s really not. You better be prepared to keep yourself entertained. We surveyed friends of MPW to find out what they do to keep busy during their flights.


Old school hip-hop and local jazz

Music playlist on my iPad (UK 80’s music) Occasionally CLS

Books on Tape

Travel podcasts, podcasts of the shows I watch at home and my personal playlist of music

Downloaded music or catching up with box sets

My country music playlist

Garden State Soundtrack

My 1970’s playlist...Think James Taylor, old school Michael Jackson, Eagles, ELO, ABBA... you get the idea, mellow music to calm my mind and ease travel irritation.

If the plane is noisy I put in my earbuds and listen to white noise so that I can sleep.