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A Skillful Departure: In-Flight Snacking

Apr 26, 2019

These days it’s common to board planes with WiFi connectivity and built-in TVs in the back of every headrest.  Despite these technological gains, airplane food remains one facet of the flying experience that has failed to evolve. There is an explanation behind the blandness and general ‘meh’ experience that one traditionally associates with eating at 25,000 feet.  Studies show the combination of desert level moisture in the air and cabin pressure can cause our taste buds to be less sensitive to salty and sweet.  Let’s not forget the countless dietary requirements and allergies that airlines must cater to.  We surveyed friends of MPW for their snacking essentials because pre-cooked meat and veggies and that stale mystery pastry aren’t cutting it.

I buy my snacks at the airport.  Trail Mix and a Diet Coke. 

I love Kind Bars.

I buy at the airport, usually Pret or a bag of Peanut M&M’s. 

I always have a bottle of water or two depending on the flight.  I like to bring something crunchy and something sweet for snacks. 

Sometimes I bring from home.  Grapes, cheese and crackers. 

I bring Rowntree's Fruit Gums and nut mix from home!

Cheez-Its in the resealable bag from the airport food mart.  Easily gets you through a snack attack or two on a long flight. 

I buy at the airport and bring it on board the plane (I abhor airplane food); I like popcorn, the little pretzel/hummus combo things, or a protein pack from Starbucks. 

I do both.  I also like to always have almonds, peanuts, and/or trail mix, and H2O always.