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A Skillful Departure: Long Flight Survival Guide

Jul 01, 2019

Although a three-hour flight sometimes has a special way of feeling like an eight-hour flight, it’s nothing compared to the real deal. Whether you're crossing the continent or crossing the ocean you’re in it for the long haul, so you better be prepared. We spoke with the seasoned travel professionals of Meeting Protocol to see if they had any wisdom to share on how to stay comfortable during these grueling hours in the sky.

Sleep half time, e.g. stay up late the night before so you are tired that morning and sleep for several hours on the flight.    

Flight socks, water, and rest

Study seat arrangements, orient yourself mentally to what you will be subject to environmentally.  Pack work or entertainment with specific goals of what you want to get done, then reward yourself with a movie, etc.    

Aisle seat to stretch often, water, sleep

For economy class flights, sleep is impossible for me, so I try to get a bulkhead where I can put my carry-on in front of me on the floor and prop my feet up on it.  I bring a soft blanket and small pillow from home and make sure I have movies downloaded on my iPad.

I take a bottle of water with me on the flight, so I always have some when I get thirsty and can refill it.

Drink lots of water, although the downside is you might need the bathroom more. 

Try to sleep in the destination time zone as soon as possible on the plane.

Bring snacks and a good sleeping pill.

Really great earplugs

I bring my own blanket, travel products that provides neck/head support, super comfy clothes like nice yoga style pants and a loose top/sweater, and my iPad for watching movies/Netflix