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A Skillfull Departure: Jet Lag Survival Guide

Jul 19, 2019

Once you step off that flight the real struggle begins. Jet lag causes the inability to sleep, fatigue during the daylight hours, and sometimes stomach problems. Given enough time, these symptoms will alleviate naturally, but often we’re not given the luxury of time to let our bodies sort out the discomfort naturally. We asked some friends of MPW how they deal with jet lag.

Adjust to time zone over the previous days before I fly, e.g., get up early and go to bed early if flying to the UK from the US.

Sleep on the plane and change my watch to location time immediately.

Exercise, avoid alcohol/caffeine, avoid sleeping at off local hours, suck it up.

I sleep pretty well on planes. I always try to arrive as early as possible to sleep since I do not fly business class. Drink plenty of water. I also time my meals.

Depending on where I am going, I like to try to set my watch when I leave to that time zone and sleep accordingly. If I land in the morning, I sleep on the plane. If I land late in the day, I will nap on the plane so that I can sleep once I get settled into the hotel.

Melatonin and and melatonin...repeat

Try to keep to the local timezone I am in regardless if I have had any sleep

The only way I know how which is to power through it. And to eat on the time zone you're in whether you're hungry or not (it helps to reset your internal clock).