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Jul 16, 2018

Located on the southeast coast of China, Hong Kong is an independent territory that boasts an iconic harbour, colourful skyscrapers and some of the best night markets in Asia.

Consisting of 260 islands and peninsulas, the most populated is Hong Kong island which looks over Victoria Harbour onto Kowloon Peninsula. Step over to the Kowloon side to see the spectacular light show that takes place every evening highlighting the skyscrapers of the Island. Or better yet, choose a hotel located on the Kowloon harbour to enjoy the view from your own bedroom.

The language in Hong Kong is Cantonese, however after being a British colony for nearly 150 years, English is now also an official language making the city very easy to visit for first time travelers. Experience a diverse selection of architecture throughout the city with the western style colonial buildings appearing in between the 8,000 skyscrapers.

You can travel to Hong Kong on various airlines via a direct flight from most major cities around the world. The airport is located near Lantau Island which is 30 minutes by car to the city centre.

Most nationalities can also enter Hong Kong visa free, which makes this city a great destination to hold a meeting with foreign attendees.

Hong Kong is also famous for its financial centre, with HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation) first opening in Hong Kong. Now a multi-national bank this has transformed Hong Kong into one of the biggest multi-culture cities with many expat residents.

Being the most densely populated city in the world means that space comes at a premium and hotels can be pricy if not booked in advance. However, eating out caters for every budget, Hong Kong has the world's most affordable Michelin star rated dishes at less than USD2 per dish. Be sure to try noodles from the night markets, locals believe that eating noodles on your birthday is a sure way to boost long life and blessings.

If you have never visited Asia before Hong Kong is the perfect introduction to the East, the city offers all the creature comforts of the west but with buzz of a vibrant Asian city. 

Fill your spare time by traveling to Victoria Peak using the Peak Tram, which became the first cable funicular in Asia in 1888 and remains one of the steepest and oldest cable railroads in the world. It is also one of the most visited and photographed sights in Hong Kong by offering not only an enviable view, but also a quiet respite from the city below.