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Destinations to Consider – Bangkok, Thailand

Sep 08, 2017

The capital of Thailand and the most popular city in Southeast Asia, Bangkok attracts visitors from all over the world.


Last year I returned to Bangkok to run a meeting, I had fond memories from my back-packing days several years ago and was excited to encounter this diverse, chaotic and thrilling city once again. I learnt that Bangkok can truly deliver on every level, offering cheap hostels and street food for the backpackers to the luxury restaurants and elite hotels for Business travelers. Bangkok has it all and I continue to recommend this city to everyone I know.


Hosting a meeting in Bangkok is very cost efficient and can offer superior hotels for a fraction of the cost compared to other cities in Asia. The costs may be low but the reasons to visit are high. Bangkok is a central hub for all of Asia, making it affordable and convenient for attendees to travel to. Visas are simple as most nationalities receive a 30-day visa exemption on arrival at international airports.


Hotels in Bangkok have attractive meeting rooms and delicious buffets offering not only Thai food but an array of Chinese, Indian and Western food to keep every guest pleasantly satisfied. However, you cannot come to Bangkok and not taste the Thai classic dishes such as Pad Thai or Thai Green Curry.


Having an Off-site dinner in Bangkok consists of a fun & glamourous evening. Choose from one of the sky-high rooftop restaurants or a terrace by the river.


Venture out of the hotel and experience the vibrant streets of the city, from markets to massages, street food to shopping malls and temples to technology, everything is within easy reach.


English is widely spoken making it very easy to navigate your way around the city, although the locals will still greet you in Thai, respond by learning Hello (Sa-wat-dee Kha) and Thank you (Kop Kun Kha) and receive a smile in return. Note words ending with Kha are to be spoken by a female, the male equivalent is “Khrap”, so Hello would become “Sa-wat-dee Khrap”.


If you are lucky enough to extend your stay further, catch a short flight to one of the many islands to experience paradise on some of the best beaches in the world.

Author: Suzi Smith