Meet from anywhere

  • Online Meetings – All of the presenters and meeting participants attend the meeting virtually. The web-based meetings may be enhanced through audience polling technology and interactive meeting platforms. Simultaneous interpretation is possible, as is the ability to measure your audience’s information retention. Just as with a face-to-face meeting, virtual breakout rooms can be provided.
  • Hybrid Meetings – Combines a virtual meeting with a face-to-face meeting. It may be one speaker presenting virtually to a live meeting or it may be a selection of attendees who join the meeting virtually rather than in person. Virtual participants can fully interact with the live meeting.
  • What is Atlas? – A secure, online, on-demand platform that provides study-specific training. Navigation allows the individual to control the timing and sequence of their training. The modules are housed for an extended period of time providing access throughout the life of the study.
  • Reporting – Individual and site activity is monitored and reported to the study manager to track progress.
  • Certification – Individual training is tracked for completion. Upon successful completion, participant’s training is certified and documented in PDF format.
  • What is Content Capture? – Slides and audio of a face-to-face or virtual meeting are recorded and housed on a secure website for an extended period of time. Content Capture is done in real time to ensure confidentiality and security.
  • Hosting – Via a secure password, study personnel can view the recordings on demand—anytime from anywhere.